Welcome to Düsseldorf! Beside fashion and shopping, the modern regional capital of North Rhine-Westphalia also offers traditional customs and a lot of culture. Get to know and love the international metropolis near the Rhine with its 590,000 inhabitants. In the narrow streets of the historical centre with its more than 250 bars and restaurants, life is vibrating. The diverse art and music scene offers spectacular events and exhibitions. In the greater Rhine-Ruhr area numerous universities, technical colleges, art and music academies are located. Together with the Ruhr, in Düsseldorf you find the most employers of the Federal Republic of Germany. Get to know your new home together with other IDaF students.

Düsseldorf – the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia

Düsseldorf is the capital of the most populous German state North Rhine-Westphalia. It is an international business location and a central trade fair town. Many people from all over the world visit the metropolis at the Rhine each year and approximately

590,000 call it their home. The business community meets in Düsseldorf. For years, the town has also been considered as the innovative centre of media. Especially in the advertising industry, many agencies from Düsseldorf are recognised internationally for outstanding marketing and advertising concepts.

The excellent reputation of the Heinrich-Heine-University, the conservatoire and the academy of arts lets Düsseldorf become extra attractive as a place of study for students from Germany and abroad.


Not only is Düsseldorf attractive for students but also has a lot to offer for everyone who wants to learn the German language in Germany. As a town of art, music and fashion, it is perfect for a shopping tour between lifestyle and luxury.

Famous museums and numerous galleries show samples of everyone with distinction in the art scene. If it is about modern art, international painting, ceramic, film, navigation on the Rhine or the city history – the museums of the city offer something for everyone. The highlight for people interested in arts is the art collection NRW. Operas, theatres, concerts, cabarets and festivals attract locals and guests to experience cultural enjoyment, to stroll through the historical centre and the river bank of the Rhine.


Famous artists like Joseph Beuys and Jörg Immendorf learned, worked and taught in Düsseldorf for a long time. But in the art museums not only their works are displayed but also those of many other internationally known artists (http://www.duesseldorf.de/kultur/navigator/nav/kulturmuseen.shtml). And who still needs more to see, can take the opportunity to look around the numerous galleries in the city (http://www.galerienduesseldorf.de/).


Music lovers get their money’s worth in Düsseldorf. No matter, what kind of music you like. Somewhere in the city, you will find the suitable event. From time to time there are live concerts of the most different genres in larger or smaller event locations. In the city the famous musician and composer couple Robert and Clara Schumann lived in for several years, there is certainly also room for the classical music. Therefore, the Deutsche Oper (German Opera) near the Rhine (http://www.rheinoper.de/) or the Tonhalle (concert hall) (http://www.tonhalle-duesseldorf.de/) are always worth a visit.


Anything, that can be staged, you will find in Düsseldorf. Beside the Düsseldorf theatre (www.duesseldorfer-schauspielhaus.de), there are numerous other stages for many different genres, e.g. cabaret, vaudeville, comedy or modern dance. Small free theatres can be found in Düsseldorf as well. We prepared a selection:
www.apollo-variete.comHYPERLINK “http://www.komoedie-duesseldorf.com/” www.komoedie-duesseldorf.com


The poet Heinrich Heine is possibly the most famous celebrity from Düsseldorf. The Düsseldorf University is named after him. The Heinrich-Heine-Institute (http://www.duesseldorf.de/heineinstitut/institut/index.shtml) and the associated Heine-Museum show everything about his life and his work in an ongoing exhibition.

In the Goethe-Museum, the visitor finds around 1,000 certificates on the work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, several first editions are displayed in glass cabinets as well as letters and pictures of the times he lived in. Contemporary literature can also be found in Düsseldorf. Amongst other things, the Literaturbüro NRW organises readings with European authors in cooperation with bookshops, embassies, literary associations, foundations, universities etc., promotes the literary scene and cultivates the exchange with other arts.


There is nothing that should block sporty activities. The offer of sports on land, on water or in the air is huge. Beautiful parks and nearby woodlands are perfect for a rest.

Don’t hesitate to ask us! We will be happy finding the suitable sport offer for you.

The longest bar in the world

The pub scene of Düsseldorf is known as “the longest bar in the world” far over the city limits. It stands for more than 250 pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants that connect to each other. Traditional breweries, popular pubs or cosy student café-bars – discover the various possibilities on your own subsequent to your German language lesson!

The Rhenish way of life

If the biggest fair, a young festival, if in one of the numerous pubs or on the street – this zest for life jumps over. The Düsseldorf carnival is world-famous. For many days, people dance on the streets. Not only at this so-called fifth season the motto of the Rhinelanders is “One must celebrate when one has the chance”. Let yourself be inspired!

City history

You are interested in the city history of Düsseldorf? We explore the city together with you – starting at Kaiserswerth over the Media Port to the Benrath castle. The Lambertus Basilica with its lopsided pinnacle, castle-tower and Düssel form the historic centre of the old town. The small river the city was named after can only be seen between the Liefergasse and the castle square. Here, a monument reminds on the battle of Worringen, that finally brought the municipal laws to the village at the Düssel. Useful tips around the old town, proposals for sightseeing walks and an overview of the museums and galleries as well as the gastronomical offer can be found on the website Altstadt Düsseldorf.